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About Us

First Digital and Techno-Law Forensics Company Limited (otherwise known as First Digital Forensics), as the name implies, is the first indigenous digital, mobile and computer forensics company in Nigeria. The company started out as Rockshire Computer Technologies, which was registered on 29th January 1996 to provide high quality consulting services in information communication technology, capacity building, public financial management, electronic accounting and electronic auditing; and the acquisition and implementation of ICT systems for public sector budget, treasury and financial management, accounting and human resource management. Since then, it commenced the training of auditors, accountants and others in electronic accounting, electronic auditing, forensic accounting and computer forensics.

In view of the growth in our firm and in pursuing the goal of becoming the largest and the best public sector ICT/MIS Consulting firm while still maintaining its pioneering status in offering of training and capacity building in electronic auditing, forensic accounting, digital and computer forensics, Rockshire Computer Technologies was in 2008 split into two firms, namely: Rockshire Computer Technologies Limited and Digital & Computer Forensics Associates (DCFA). In the same year, Digital & Computer Forensics Associates (DCFA) was accredited by the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN) to offer training leading to the certification of digital, mobile
and computer forensics examiners in Nigeria. In 2012, Digital & Computer Forensics Associates (DCFA) became a subsidiary of First Digital and Techno-Law Forensics Company Limited.

Three k
ey reasons why we believe that you should engage us for your forensics assignment:

• Technical Skills: We combine law, accounting, public financial management, Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS), Information Communication Technology (ICT), Human Resources Management Information System, Oracle/Data Base Management System, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Networking (Local Area Network - LAN and Wide Area Network - WAN), Electronic Accounting, Electronic Auditing, Digital and Computer Forensics, Hand-wiring Analysis, Questioned Document Analysis, Data Recovery, and capacity building skills and experience.

• Local Experience: We have an unrivalled experience in Nigeria based on the above skills obtained in the various fields.

• Our Clients: These cut across governments, corporations, law firms, and private citizens.

Our Management team is headed by:

Dr. Peter Olu. Olayiwola, BBA, MBA (Penn State), Ph.D. (Delaware), ACIA, MASM, MNIM, MCPN, CPA, FNCS, FCFI, MHTCIA, CLWE, ACE,
JP+ (Managing Forensics Examiner/CEO)

Some of our activities and achievements  included

  • Our training Division, Digital & Computer Forensics Associates (DCFA) - developed the CFIN Accelerated (Professional) Certification Programme covering the following eight (8) core courses:

      1.  Nature and Scope of Digital, Computer and Cyber Crime
      2.  Legal Framework for Cyber, Digital and Computer Forensics
      3.  Biometrics:  Methods and Applications       
      4.  Hand-Writing Analysis
Questioned Document Examination
.  Data Recovery:  Tools and Techniques
.  Cryptology:  Encryption/Decryption Systems
.  Evidence Reporting and Presentation
    9.  Cybersecurity, Digital and Computer Forensics as a Profession

  • Election Tribunal cases as Expert Witnesses in 2011 and 2015;

  • Supported legislations such as: the Bill to Amend the Evidence Act; Cybercrime and Information Protection Agency Bill, etc.; and the harmonization of the Cybersecurity Bill.

  • Carried out extensive Awareness Campaigns to educate the public on Digital and Computer Forensics;

  • Presented Lectures at the Defense Headquarters on Cyber Warfare (twice);

  • Participated in the Workshop on Cybersecurity Legislation organized by the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) in October 2011;

  • Participated in several international conferences on Forensics and Cyber Security,

  • Organized the First West African Digital and Computer Forensics Conference in Abuja from 18th - 20th April, 2012.

  • Trained and certified on behalf of the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN) its members from the following organizations in Nigeria as at January 2013:

-  DSS
-  Nigeria Police Force
-  Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps

-  Nigeria Communications Commission (
-  Nigerian
-  Nigerian
Defence HQ
-  Defence Intelligence Agency (
-  Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna
Federal Ministry of Justice - Senior Prosecutors
-  ECOWAS Commission
-  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
-  Federal Ministry of Finance
-  Bauchi State Government
-  Nigeria Immigration Service
-  National Health Insurance Scheme
-  Niger State Government
-  Forensics Laboratory, Oshodi, Lagos
-  Ecobank Nigeria Ltd.
-  Diamond Bank PLC
-  National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

-  etc.

  • Organized the 2013 International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, from Tuesday-Thursday, 12th-14th November, 2013.

  • Organized, with other stakeholders, the 2014 International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Tinapa, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, from Tuesday-Friday, 25th-28th November, 2014.

  • Organized, with other stakeholders, the 2015 International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, from Tuesday-Friday, 22nd-25th September, 2015.

  • Organized, with other stakeholders, the 2016 International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Regency Hall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, from Monday-Wednesday, 17th - 19th October, 2016.

  • We are the Nigerian representatives of the world's major eDiscovery, Digital and Mobile Forensics companies, such as Cellebrite, AccessData, Wetstone, Computer Intelligence Solution, Belkasoft, Brainwave Science (Brain Fingerprinting), etc.

  • Our company was the Consultant appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to draft the "Standards for Digital, Mobile, and Computer Forensics in Nigeria".  The draft of the Standards was reviewed by Stakeholders at Tinapa, Calabar, Nigeria on 30th April, 2014.  The final outcome was "Guidelines for Digital, Mobile and Computer Forensics in Nigeria."

  • Presently, organizing, with other stakeholders, the 2017 (6th Annual) International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, from Monday-Wednesday, 30th October - 1st November 2017.

  • We have handled several cases for  Law-enforcement agencies, private sector organizations and individual clients.

  • We are proud to be the first indigenous company to establish a full-fledged digital, mobile and computer forensics laboratory in Nigeria.

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