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Our Products
High Class Digital Forensics Procucts with an Amazing Service

Our Products

First Digital & Techno-Law Forensics Company Limited (incl. Digital & Computer Forensics Associates) are the accredited representatives of the world's major eDiscovery, digital, computer and phone/mobile forensics companies.  Some of these are:
  • AccessData - FTK product lines; MPE+, etc.
  • ADF Solutions - Digital Evidence Investigator; Triage-Investigator; and Triage-G2
  • AVET Technology, UK - The new Avet Per Pro Video and Audio Evidential Interview & Meeting Recorder; and the new Avet AER Audio Evidential Interview & Meeting Recorder
  • Belkasoft  - Evidence Center product Suites of Solutions
  • Brainwave Science - Brain Fingerprint Solution
  • Cellebrite - UFED Product Lines - for Phone & Mobile Forensic Investigation, Data Analytics, etc.
  • HTCI EDAS FOX - The EDAS Fox Family of Forensic Computers and Servers
  • Paraben - The E3 Platform
  • Wetstone (Cybersecurity Division of Allen Corp. of America) - Cyber Security product lines

Products & Solutions:
  • Forensic Laboratory Equipment, Software, Tools and Accessories
  • Computer Forensics products
  • Phone and Mobile Forensics products
  • Cybersecurity products
  • Biometrics products
  • Handwriting and Questioned Documents products.
  • Security Equipment and facilities
  • Brain Fingerprinting Solution
  • Product-specific Training (In-Plant and Off-Site)
  • Digital Forensics Certification Training
  • Forensic Science Equipment, Software, Tools, and Supplies
The leading forensics company in West Africa.
Monday - Friday:
8.30am – 5.00pm

Saturdays and after office hours:
Please book an appointment
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